Hungarian Chimney Cones

Dallas - Fort Worth’s only Transylvanian Treat shop


Where can you find us?

We have a food truck! There are many locations that we serve through-out DFW. You can find us most weekends at the Keller Farmers market on Saturdays.

Whirlycones are taking over DFW. 

The traditional Kurtokalacas are a Hungarian pastry and street food. They are dough cones baked upon a flame in a rotisserie oven and then coated with flavorful toppings. Malkeet (Miki) caught wind of this in a social media video and was inspired by the possibilities before her. She spent the next two years: researching, testing, and experimenting to develop her twist on the twisted cone.

From a simple social media video Miki, founder of Whirlycones, was inspired to re-create a delicious pastry from scratch with the determination of bringing it to her hometown.






Tentatively every Saturday:

Bear Creek Park Apache Trail, Keller, TX 76248


The Kürtőskalács is a traditional Transylvanian dessert. A sweet yeast dough, stretched, wrapped and baked around a wooden dowel to form a beautiful tall cylinder coated in sugar and a variety of different toppings.

This dessert is worth the try as every take into the crunchy crispy outer layer is softened by the pillow-like texture within. Providing the maximum amount of satisfaction with each and every bite.